Artex Steps Forward Charleston, SC

Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to Charleston, SC

The 15th stop in our walk around the world challenge.

We’ve reached Charleston, our 15th stop on the Artex Steps Forward journey. We’ve crossed 177 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina to land in the state of South Carolina.

Ann West, division senior vice president – captives, runs our Charleston office as well as having oversight into our Vermont and Hawaii offices. We have a small but mighty team in Charleston, dedicated to captive management primarily within domiciles of South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. Ann began her career as an accountant at a firm in Charleston before moving into the world of captive insurance at HSBC, Kane (USA) Inc. and then joined Artex in 2016 through an acquisition. As she interacts with people thinking of choosing insurance as a career, her advice is to “Make sure you speak to a variety of people, because insurance is very diverse and there are numerous areas you can investigate to see if it’s a fit.” Outside of the office, you’ll find Ann spending time with her husband, children, 3 grandchildren (4 in February) and 3 black Labrador Retrievers.

Fun facts about Charleston:

  • Charleston boasts the first public college, museum and playhouse in the U.S.
  • Pirates are a part of Charleston history, due to their frequent attacks. Edward Teach, better known as “Blackbeard,” managed to blockade the entire Charleston Harbor in 1718. This stopped all merchant activity in the Historic District as he held multiple citizens hostage in exchange for medicine.
  • Charleston houses are unique to the area, called Single Houses. They were specifically designed to catch cross breezes, purposefully built with a piazza that faces either south or west. This was particularly necessary back when there was no air conditioning! Here are some free coloring sheets that show off Charleston architecture.
  • The first golf club in America was established in Charleston in 1787.
  • North America’s longest cable-stayed bridge, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, spans the Charleston Harbor, connecting historic Charleston and Mount Pleasant.
  • Charleston is synonymous with the pineapple, a symbol of hospitality. The history of this symbol dates back to act that early inhabitants designed. Sea captains would spear a pineapple to their fence posts to signify they were home and wanted to talk about their adventures out at sea.
  • One of the city’s nicknames is the Holy City, as a reference to a skyline full of church steeples.
  • The country’s first insurance company was established in Charleston in 1735, called The Friendly Society. It lasted for 5 years before going out of business. 

Looking for family friendly activity?

  • Our trip around the world has featured a lot of fantastic cuisines. Charleston is no different. Here is an amazing recipe for the city’s famous shrimp and grits.
  • They also have a fantastic aquarium, which you can visit online and download coloring sheets and backyard activity sheets for children, or do a virtual visit and check out some STEM curriculum.


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