Artex Steps Forward Pune, India

Sep 23, 2020

Welcome to Pune, India

The fifth stop on our walk around the world

We've reached our fifth milestone! | Pune, India 

Reached Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Collectively the Artex team has walked 6,611 miles and 13,962,432 steps to arrive at our next destination ▬ Pune.

Based in one of our parent company’s finance centers, we have two teams in Pune who help run our insurance business. One is a team of financial specialists who help our U.S.-based client teams manage the finance and accounting aspects of their portfolio. The second is a team of insurance professionals who assist with U.S.-based programs, ensuring that we’re running smoothly with policy issuance, underwriting support and data management.

Our collective team is led by Nandita Banerjee. She’s been managing the Artex business for over two and a half years and has been with Gallagher for nearly eight years. When we asked her what makes the team in India special, she said, “Our diversity is a strength. We have a wide variety of ages, skillsets and speak numerous languages and dialects. Each person contributes in a different way, but we are all dedicated to working together collaboratively as a team to solve client problems."

Pune is located southeast of Mumbai, which sits on the Arabian Sea. It is located in the west-central state of Maharashtra.

  • Pune is derived from the name Punya, which means the conflux of two rivers ▬ literally, where the Muthi and Mula rivers meet. These rivers divide the city into two parts and there are 22 bridges that connect the city.
  • Pune is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is consistently ranked as one of the country’s most livable cities.
  • Pune is known as "The Oxford of the East." Described as an educational and cultural centre, Pune hosts thousands of students studying in its numerous colleges, ranging from research institutes to management colleges.
  • It is home to 212 software companies and the country’s largest number of pubs, which isn’t a surprise since Pune needs to entertain all those students and has a lively nightlife.

Looking for a family activity to celebrate Pune’s culture? Pune’s Ganesh Festival is a Hindu festival celebrating this deity and part of its tradition are dhol-tasha troupes that perform energetic routines with percussion instruments. Anyone with an interest in drums or musical instruments will find this to be a joyful expression.

Enjoy this playlist from one of the local troupes, Rudragarjana Vadya Pathak.


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