Artex Steps Forward Sri Lanka

Oct 08, 2020

Welcome to Colombo, Sri Lanka

The seventh stop on our walk around the world

We’ve reached our seventh milestone! | Colombo, Sri Lanka
Reached Friday, October 2,2020

Collectively, we’ve virtually walked more than 7,500 miles and landed in this beautiful island country located in the Indian Ocean. Sajitha Perera leads a team of 25 who assist our Horseshoe client teams with support of insurance and fund accounting, compliance and IT services. Our team in Sri Lanka are big supporters of Apeksha Cancer Hospital, the only hospital on the island, which provides cancer treatments free of charge. The team provides meals and companionship to the patients, and many also provide additional goods for the children’s ward.

Fun facts about Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is approximately 25,000 square miles, has more than 21 million inhabitants, and their heritage runs deep.

  • Its roots are based in Buddhism, which can be traced back to the 6th century BC.
  • Sri Lanka was historically known as 'the pearl of the Indian Ocean' due to its shape and its precious stones. It also is referred to as the ‘Teardrop of India’ due to its shape and location.
  • Its strategic location meant that the island was a transit hub for trading goods and an important route between Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Between the 16th to mid-20th centuries, the country was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. In 1948, the country became independent and was admitted to the United Nations in 1955.
  • The country’s culture is a mixture of eastern and western heritage, with four main ethnic groups: Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers and their religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.
  • The island contains tropical forests and a diverse landscape with a high level of biodiversity.
  • During a single season, the country’s climate can range from very hot on the coast (around 28 degrees Celsius) to cooler temperatures upcountry (at 16 degree Celsius).
  • Ten percent of the world’s elephant population lives on this island!

Looking for family activities? We’ve got several good ideas!

  • Download free coloring pages celebrating Sri Lanka’s colors, food, animals and culture.
  • Brew some Lipton Tea. In the 1860s, the company launched its empire here. Sri Lankan tea leaves are called Ceylon Tea and they drink it with milk and a lot of sugar.
  • Make their national dish – Lump Rice. The Dutch Burghers (an ethnic group of mixed Dutch, Portuguese Burghers and Sri Lankan descent) created lamprais or lump rice. The dish contains two special curries (a 3-meat curry of beef, pork and lamb, as well as a curry with ash plantain and eggplant), fried onion salad, tuna balls, deep fried egg and rice – wrapped up in a banana leaf.


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