Artex Signals Change With New Brand Platform

Jul 11, 2016

Artex Signals Change With New Brand Platform

Positioned for growth in the alternative risk market

Bermuda, Monday, July 11, 2016

Today, Artex has announced the launch of a new logo and brand platform. The new verbal and visual identity supports the go-to-market strategy for the company and reinforces the fact that it is the fastest-growing and most diverse insurance manager in the industry. Artex has nearly 400 staff operating out of more than 15 global locations managing over 1,000 risk bearing entities in 30 of the world’s leading domiciles.

In the past two years Artex has grown significantly, adding operations in several European locations and strengthening their Bermuda and Cayman market presence. The numbers of solutions and expertise have deepened within the captive industry, but have also expanded into emerging alternative risk fields such as pension longevity and benefit captives as well as the insurance-linked security arena. “We felt that such rapid growth and attendant change created a perfect point in time to take a really deep dive into understanding exactly what Artex had become” stated David McManus, President & CEO. “With the help of external consultants we conducted literally hundreds of interviews with both current and former clients, staff, brokers and other intermediaries, insurance carriers, capital markets, regulators, media – anyone who had a perspective on what we did and how we do it. What was emphatically revealed is that Artex is a solutions company resourced with teams of people who are driven to gain a deeper understanding of client challenges and opportunities so that they can deliver solutions borne from truly independent thought.” He continued, “Independence was without doubt the overriding theme. The vast majority of our people built successful businesses and became trusted advisors because they could be relied upon to bring clear independent advice to their clients and prospects. We must never lose that sense of independence or the entrepreneurial spirit that innovates and empowers our client’s independence through the products and solutions we create.”  

“I think about the quote from Stephen R. Covey, ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood,’” Nick Heys, CEO of Artex International added. “Our goal is to understand the client, the broker, the environment, the industry, the challenge and opportunity – everything in its entirety. Through this greater understanding we are able to offer our expertise, redefining the way risk is managed which allows our clients to achieve superior outcomes.”

“Conventional thought generates conventional results. When we work with our clients and our broker partners, we’re committed to delivering more than that to them,” explained Jennifer Gallagher, President of Artex North America. “We have a legacy of innovation at Artex, generated over the past 19 years of being in business. We pride ourselves on acting independently of industry norms, products and influence – and creating our own paths to success.”

The brand platform puts forth a new mission, vision and values. In addition to the new verbal and visual identity, a new global website has been built at It represents a total new architecture complete with a detailed solutions area; information about the company and executive management team; and a knowledge center, including assets such as white papers, case studies, webinars, product sheets, brochures, articles, press releases, events and media coverage – all sortable by type, solution and region.


About Artex

Artex provides a full range of alternative risk management solutions, customized for our clients’ individual challenges and opportunities. Powered by independent thought and an innovative approach, we empower our clients and partners to make educated risk management decisions with confidence. Licensed in 30 jurisdictions throughout the globe, we are critically resourced to supply any alternative risk need. Artex is a solutions company and we invite you to learn more about our breadth of services and depth of talent at .


Christine Mikel
Vice President, Marketing & Promotion