Group Captive Solutions: Helping Businesses Reduce Their Healthcare Costs Part 2 - Option 2

Start Date: 09/15/2017 11:00 CST
Length: 60 minutes

Many mid-sized employers feel trapped by traditional health insurance as the factors driving costs appear outside of their control; while large employers have access to programs that afford them an opportunity to achieve greater control resulting in more stable cost increases – in line with inflation. However, there are alternatives for mid-sized employers. 

Artex’s Employee Benefit Group Captive Programs, also known as Stop-Loss Group Captives, can help participating employers reduce healthcare costs, improve employee wellness, streamline healthcare delivery and achieve long-term stability. This is achieved by blending the advantages of self-funding with the stability of a Group Captive, medical stop-loss insurance and proven risk management strategies.

Artex is hosting a webinar series to educate mid-sized employers on the benefits of self-funding, and how the stability of a captive program can make self-funding possible for these employers. This is Part Two of our webinar series – following the introduction to the Self-Funding 101 webinar. View more details to register for this webinar.

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