ON DEMAND: Group Captive Solutions for a Hardening Market

Start Date: 12/31/2020 10:00 CDT
Length: 60 minutes

For the remainder of 2020, Artex will be hosting a monthly webinar series on alternative risk solutions for a hardening market. We will feature a variety of topics and industries that are particularly affected by the onset of a tightening and increasingly challenging insurance market.

Join us for a session that focuses on why group captives in a hard market can contradict what is currently happening in the traditional insurance market. Rates increasing at more than 15%? Not for our group captives.

We will cover the 5 reasons why you should consider group captives at any point, but especially now.

  1. Premium pricings
  2. Renewal rates
  3. Purchasing power
  4. Information sharing
  5. Return of underwriting profit

Alternative risk solutions have never been more important than now. This 45-minute session will better equip you to have these important conversations with your prospects and clients. 

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