ON DEMAND: Medical Stop-Loss Captives: Reducing Healthcare Costs for Self-Funded Employers

Start Date: 12/31/2020 01:00 CDT
Length: 60 minutes

Now, more than ever before, employers are seeking out opportunities to improve cash flow as well as reduce both short- and long-term costs. Health care costs are constantly on the rise, and the cost of traditional fully insured health insurance are set to rise more in 2021 than previous years. This session is designed for employers who are already self-funded and interested in learning more about medical stop-loss captives.

In this webinar, you will understand the captive value proposition; why clients and prospects should investigate these solutions in today’s uncertain climate; risk management and cost containment strategies that employers can implement now to reign in medical and pharmacy costs; and why a group captive may be the right solution for currently self-funded, mid-sized employers.

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