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Gibraltar’s EU membership provides passporting rights in insurance, insurance mediation and reinsurance across all 31 EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries and access to a market of 500m people. In 2012, the total gross premium income written by insurance companies in Gibraltar was £3.8bn and these companies held assets of over £9.0bn.

Artex Gibraltar management team has over 25 years of combined experience of writing insurance throughout Europe and can assist you with a number of different solutions including captives, cell captive, reinsurance companies and direct writing insurance companies.

Insurance entities based and licensed in Gibraltar are able to write insurance into the rest of Europe under either Freedom of Services or Freedom of Establishment.


Status: British Overseas Territory
Time Zone: CET
Language: English (official), Spanish
Law: Common law, based on English law
Currency: Pound Sterling (£)
Corporation tax: 10%
Major sectors: Finance, tourism, gaming, shipping
Insurance regulator: Financial Services Commission (FSC)


  • Status within EU permits greater freedom than traditional offshore locations
  • Tax regime includes the possibility of a reduced net effective tax rate
  • Excellent communications, including daily air links to the UK
  • Re-domiciliation regulations which allow insurance companies operating in other jurisdictions to transfer to Gibraltar
  • Protected Cell Company legislation in place
  • Comparatively low cost EU jurisdiction
  • FSC’s positive approach to regulation of the insurance industry



On the benefits of doing business in Gibraltar:

Gibraltar Insurance Association

Financial Services Commission

Gibraltar Government

The Art of Risk

At Artex, we believe there is more to alternative risk management. As a trusted leader and provider of diverse (re)insurance and ILS solutions, our global team operates at the intersection of art and science—where creative thinking meets expertise and superior outcomes are made. That’s how we’re able to fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver the most comprehensive solutions available.

Established in more than 30 domiciles internationally, we’re here to help you make empowered decisions with confidence, reduce your total cost of risk and improve your return on capital. At Artex, we believe in finding you a better way.



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