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As a global organization specializing in providing innovative insurance and alternative risk transfer solutions, our goal at Artex is to protect management, shareholders and other stakeholders from undue exposure to risk. This involves performing an evaluation of a client’s business and its goals, conducting initial feasibility studies, forming the appropriate captive structure, managing the insurance entities within the captive for clients and providing ongoing advice on captive strategy. Additionally, we can also provide the formation and administration services for investment holding companies that own these insurance entities in each jurisdiction in which we operate. This enables us to integrate all the necessary services in a single, organized process – from the insurance entity all the way through to the holding company and its owners.

For existing and new clients, we can establish a holding company to mitigate potential complications that may occur when modifying existing corporate structures. For example, for a law firm client using a Protected Cell Company (PCC) for its Professional Indemnity (PI) and Errors & Omissions (E&O) deductibles, in lieu of setting up the cell structure through its partnership, we established a holding company to receive the investment in the underlying PCC. The dividends from the insurance program flow from the holding company to the partners in the law firm. This streamlines the process and avoids the complications involved in making changes if the cell structure were owned by the partnership. In some circumstances, there may also be some tax advantages to this structure.

Artex’s services also include corporate restructurings, which are comprised of company migrations from one jurisdiction to another, company amalgamations in a PCC, and incorporated cell migrations from one Incorporated Cell Company (ICC) to another.

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At Artex, we take your business personally. We do more than provide solutions. We create sustainable risk management alternatives, specifically tailored to the financial goals of your unique business. We get to know you. We get to know your industry. We seek to understand your current challenges, and search for emerging trends, so you can make the right decisions that drive your organization forward.

At our core, we’re innovators… just like you. We bring vision and creativity to each and every solution, informed by our global insight, expertise and experience in the full spectrum of risk management alternatives – from Insurance Management and Captive Solutions to Program and Facility Management, ILS and Structured Transaction Administration, Risk Management, PEOs, Risk Pooling and Specialty Guaranteed Cost Programs.

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