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Artex has Program and Facility Management programs to help you create solutions outside the box.

Program Management.

PEO Programs & Temporary Staffing

For more than 20 years, Artex has been providing workers compensation solutions to the PEO and Temporary Staffing industry on behalf of Zurich North America. We offer:

  • Middle Market PEO workers compensation program
  • Large Risk PEO program

These programs provide everything from guaranteed cost to loss-sensitive solutions, and address the unique needs of today’s leading PEO industry practitioners.

Staff Guard, our guaranteed cost workers compensation program, provides Temporary Staffing firms with turnkey solutions, including:

  • Unbundled claims administration and management services
  • Pay-as-you-go options
  • 24/7 online access to loss runs, certificates of insurance and more.

Copper Mountain Assurance risk pooling facility

In 2014, we formed Copper Mountain Assurance, a Utah-domiciled captive insurance company, designed as a risk pooling facility exclusively for Artex clients.

Copper Mountain currently has three risk pools:

  • Enterprise Risk Program (ERP)
  • Management Liability Program (MLP)
  • Deductible Reimbursement Program (DRP)

Each of these pools is a separate risk bearing unit where losses in one unit do not affect the other.

Artex Exchange (AEX)

AEX is a pooling arrangement designed for businesses that retain risks with large deductibles or self-insured workers compensation plans. AEX provides significant financial benefits by addressing the challenges associated with retaining risk: 

  • Increases in annual loss volatility
  • Meeting the risk distribution test required for a captive to qualify as an insurance company for federal tax purposes.

With AEX, each business pays an amount equal to its estimated workers compensation losses into the AEX program. These risks and payments are pooled and transferred on a pro-rata basis to the related captives, with each captive owned by a business participating in AEX. Through this pooling arrangement, AEX can reduce the volatility of annual comp losses for individual business while also allowing captives to diversify their risks. With a captive and AEX in place, the business may take a tax deduction for the premiums paid to AEX, as the pooled workers compensation risk helps the collective meet the risk distribution test.

Facility Management.

Artex Facility Management solutions are expertly designed to capture underwriting profits for:

  • Brokers
  • Intermediaries
  • Managing General Agents (MGAs)
  • And others

Our innovative structures grow your revenue and give you greater influence and control over your underwriting capacity.

In order to do this, a Producer Owned Reinsurance Company or Cell (PORC) can be established to provide the ability to underwrite, on a reinsurance basis, a portion of the insurance products. This allows insurance producers to share in their underwriting risk and capture profits lost to the commercial market. We establish the PORC with the use of a Protected Cell Company (PCC) as the reinsurance vehicle, which delivers the advantage of low set-up costs and capital requirements.

Our services include: 

  • Initial assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • License application
  • Ongoing captive management.

This innovative approach is ideal for all classes of insurance business, particularly short-tail lines with low claims volatility.

Artex has also developed an innovative captive solution to help property owners and managing agents in the real estate industry to produce revenue from insurance arrangements. With a PCC structure, property owners and managing agents share in the underwriting of the property portfolio and receive the ROI being generated from blocks of insurance policies.

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