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Post-Brexit, it is uncertain whether insurance brokers in the United Kingdom will be able to passport to the EU. For UK-based insurance brokers, this means:

  • Loss of the ability to intermediate and place insurance contracts for EU-based clients
  • Loss of control in the relationship with EU clients
  • Loss of profitable accounts

Our Artex-sponsored Broker PCC provides you not only with a ‘business-as-usual’ insurance broking facility for an existing EU client base but can also be used as a platform to expand and/or diversify an existing, or to create a new, EU-based client portfolio.

This PCC solution works for UK, EU and non-EU brokers alike. Read on to learn more about the benefits of an Artex PCC and setting up a Cell Facility.


What is a PCC? (Protected Cell Company)

The PCC concept originated in Guernsey and was introduced in Malta under specific legislation in 2004. PCCs have a number of applications including the carrying on of insurance and reinsurance. A Maltese PCC also has the unique ability to be authorised to act as an insurance broker or an insurance manager.

A PCC is a single legal entity made up of a core and any number of cells. The PCC would have one Board of Directors who would manage the affairs of a PCC as a whole. The cells are separate and distinct from each other and, most importantly, the assets and liabilities of each cell are legally segregated from all other cells and the core of the PCC. The cells will be managed by a committee who is granted authority by the Board of Directors of the PCC.

A PCC Cell is a popular low-cost alternative to a limited company as this can provide a number of additional benefits, such as:

  • Quicker to establish and terminate
  • Operating expenses and start-up costs are lower
  • Existing infrastructure/operating model is already in place
  • Substance is provided by the manager of the PCC
  • Cells will have access to EU markets

Artex Insurance Brokers (Malta) PCC

Artex Insurance Brokers (Malta) PCC Limited (Company Registration No. C91762) is enrolled in the Brokers List to act as an insurance broker under Article 12 of the Insurance Distribution Act and licenced to operate as a Protected Cell Company in terms of the Companies Act. The company is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Cell owners will be required to enter into participation, subscription, and management agreements with the sponsor. Non-voting shares are issued to each cell owner, who pay their share of the ongoing costs through an agreed fee for administration.

We will work with the cell owner to determine the amount of capital needed for the owner’s individual cell to satisfy the capital funding requirements set by the sponsor and the regulator.

Why Malta?

Malta is considered as being a competitive international finance centre where English is widely spoken and is the recognised business language. Malta is a European Union member state and has excellent travel links to most European destinations. The country has an attractive tax regime and is the only EU member state to offer PCC legislation.


Benefits of establishing a cell within Artex Insurance Brokers (Malta) PCC Limited include:

  • Business-as-usual in respect of your existing EU-based clients (regardless of the outcome of Brexit)
  • EU portfolio creation, expansion and/or diversification opportunities
  • Available to EU/UK brokers, as well as other non-EU brokers
  • Allows a cell or cells to be established, owned, licensed and utilised by a broker
  • Day-to-day management provided by Artex, therefore you do not need any of your own company's employees in Malta
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Can work alongside existing broking operational models


Artex is a leading insurance manager in Malta. We provide substantial local knowledge and insurance expertise having more than 20 years’ experience working in Europe in partnership with our clients. We ensure personal and continuous assistance from concept through realisation of business objectives. We’re here to help you achieve your business goals.

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