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to Creative Programs

Jeremy Huish, Sr. VP - Business Development, will be speaking on "Pooling in Microcaptives" at the 2018 World Captive Forum. For this and other events click below. 


A Strong Offering

  • Artex is a solutions company.

    We provide a diverse set of alternative risk management solutions designed to address each client’s individual challenges.

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  • Artex is a people-first business.

    As an international company, we offer access to our global capabilities to every client supported by the personal service of a local provider.

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  • We value independent thought.

    We set the bar high with best-in-class thinkers who question the status quo and go beyond industry norms to produce results for our clients. We dig deep to identify solutions that others may have overlooked.

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  • Deep understanding allows for deeper collaboration.

    Our goal is to help clients on their way, as partners in the business. This means getting to know the business, challenges and goals so that together we can create solutions that drive the business forward.

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