As a global organization specializing in providing innovative insurance and alternative risk transfer solutions, our goal at Artex is to protect management, shareholders and other stakeholders from undue exposure to risk. Our services include:

  • Incorporations: We will liaise with your legal counsel and other parties regarding the structure and organization of the entity. We will collect KYC on Controllers and reserve a company name with the Registrar of Companies. In addition, we will facilitate the organization of the new entity, including preparation of constitutional documents and holding provisional and statutory meetings.
  • Registered Office (Guernsey only): We will maintain the official address, statutory books and records including preparing and submitting regulatory filings; liaise with regulators as necessary; pay statutory fees; and comply with other annual statutory requirements including anti-money laundering (AML) and combatting the financing of terrorism (CFT).
  • Corporate Secretarial: We provide a company secretary who manages, prepares and maintains the company's official documentation and records; liaise with regulators, auditors and legal service providers; ensures compliance with statutory requirements; and establishes the bank and brokerage accounts. The corporate secretary will conduct AML/CFT and ensure ongoing administration and general advice on good corporate governance practices.
  • Corporate Director: We will provide a Corporate Director who participates in board meetings, acts as authorized bank signatory and assists the entity in fulfilling its statutory obligations imposed by the relevant legislation.

Strategies to manage governance throughout a lifecycle.

Artex's team of corporate governance professionals provide operational and administrative assistance to our clients and their insurance entities all the way through to the holding company and its owners, all while allowing for jurisdictional requirements and nuanced compliance regulations. These services are utilized throughout the lifetime of the insurance entity, from formation, though day-to-day management, and into modifications and restructuring.

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