A Culture

of Innovation

From ideas to outcomes.

When we formed Artex we knew we wanted to be a different kind of company, with a different view on how to approach and manage risk for our clients in a way that was forward thinking, frank, adept and agile. Today’s business environment - fraught with economic uncertainty, emerging risks that transcend borders, a heightened regulatory landscape and other factors - was rife for change in the way companies transfer and mitigate risk as well as plan for the future. We had an appetite for that change, and brought together global talent connected by our core company values to develop innovative, tailored solutions that better execute a client’s company strategy and long-term goals.

How do we do this? Artex is there every step of the way as a partner whose values of Empathy, Engagement, Expertise and Excellence guide us to see further into our client’s business challenge and effect positive change and results. Our unwavering commitment to gain greater understanding of our clients allows us to not only deliver scalable solutions for each business but also offer strategies and tools that address today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges. We empower our clients by navigating them through the range of options available so they can make informed decisions about which they are confident. We ensure that our clients feel right about their course of action, supported by our talent’s world-class insight and expertise.

It’s Not Business as Usual with Us

Our outside-the-box mindset challenges conventional thought to achieve better outcomes and superior results for our clients. As innovators, we act independent of industry norms, products and influence. We weave this independence and innovative approach into the fabric of our company, which is an integral part of our success and that of our clients.


It’s our job to get results, and as a solutions company that’s all about innovating. We move forward with a vision and the courage to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. This means seeing things through a different lens to expand the benefits of alternative risk management to embrace more clients, changing the way they do business and plan for the future.



We believe our future is more assured when we understand where we are today. The greater our understanding, the better our future will be.



Our mission is to help our client partners harness the power of independent thought by designing sustainable alternative risk management solutions that allow them to achieve true control.



Empathy, Engagement, Expertise and Excellence are the blueprint for our success. Empathy enables us to forge a connection with our client and allows us to see and go beyond the obvious. Through Engagement, we transform this understanding into tangible and meaningful action. Our Expertise is the drive behind our search for solutions and the way in which we deliver service to our clients. Excellence is what we strive to achieve each and every time.

Shape Tomorrow Today

Redefine the way risk is managed with Artex. We help clients worldwide achieve greater focus on where their challenges lie and how the complexity of these challenges can be better served with creative, collaborative solutions that are aligned to their unique business strategies and goals and translate into transformative value. Contact us to learn more about how our best-in-class solutions and capabilities can maximize a client’s best business outcomes.

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