Our company forward.

At Artex, we empower independence. And it starts with our people. Many of Artex’s leaders built their own successful businesses by bringing creative, independent thought to the development of their risk management solutions. This innovation drives us to partner with our clients and empower them with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions today for superior outcomes tomorrow.

Day in and day out, our leadership team challenges each staff member to help educate our clients, so they can make risk management decisions with confidence.

Peter Mullen_190520_CO_Artex__90_pp.jpg
Peter Mullen
Chief Executive Officer

Peter’s insurance career began over 30 years ago as an insurance broker in Dublin, Ireland before moving to AIG in Bermuda.  He subsequently joined Gallagher’s Bermuda operation where he helped found Artex in 1997, before leaving to become Global CEO of Aon Captive and Insurance Management in 2011. He returned to Artex in March 2019 to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, responsible for running one of the largest insurance management firms in the world, serving 1,500 customers through over 1,000 risk bearing entities licensed in more than 30 domiciles with more than 400 employees in 15 global locations.

Jennifer Gallagher
President, Artex North America

Jennifer has over 30 years of insurance experience, and along with David McManus and Peter Mullen, helped build Artex from its inception. She is responsible for staff and business operations within the United States, including mergers & acquisitions, recruitment, branding, professional standards, product development, market management and new business production.

Nick Heys (16 Apr 2013).jpg
Nick Heys
CEO, Artex International

Nick has close to 40 years of insurance experience, and joined Artex in 2014 via the acquisition of Heritage Insurance Management. Nick is responsible for staff and all business operations in Guernsey, Gibraltar, Malta, London, Bermuda and Cayman. This includes mergers & acquisitions, recruitment, professional standards, product development, market management and new business production.

Michael Burchill.jpg
Michael Burchill
Chief Financial Officer

Michael began his career in public accounting where he specialized in the insurance industry. From there, he has held CFO and other senior management roles at large insurance carriers prior to joining Artex. Michael is responsible for all accounting, financial, compliance and operational matters across the entire company.

Andrew Parsons.jpg
Andrew Parsons
HR Director

Andrew brings over 25 years of HR experience to Artex. In this role, he is responsible for the people strategy across the global Artex landscape, including culture and engagement, reward and incentivisation, performance management, recruitment and retention, succession and talent development.

Stephen Thompsett
Chief Information Officer

Stephen has more than 20 years of technology experience within the financial services industry. He is responsible for ensuring that Artex has a secure, compliant and reliable technology platform, which aligns to the company’s business strategy and financial operating plans.


David McManus

David began his insurance career over 40 years ago with RSA and then AIG, before being recruited to run Arthur J. Gallagher’s Bermuda operations. In 1997 David spearheaded the creation of Artex Risk Solutions, and after 20+ years in the role of President and Chief Executive Officer, he assumed the non-executive role of Chairman in March 2019. 

Reporting into our executive leadership team are a tremendous team of individuals with backgrounds in insurance, operations, finance, sales and marketing.


  • Atsaves_Andy_2_2609_G_logo.jpg
    Andy Atsaves
    Executive Vice President, Artex North America

    Andy is involved in complex workers compensation programs designed specifically for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOS), temporary staffing agencies and administrative service organizations (ASOs). He and his staff work out of our Scottsdale, Arizona office.

  • Peter Child.jpg
    Peter Child, ACII
    Managing Director – Guernsey, Artex International

    Peter is responsible for the Guernsey office insurance and accounts departments, as well as the overall provision of insurance management services to a wide range of international clients. He is currently Chairman of the Guernsey International Insurance Association.

  • StuartC.jpg
    Stuart Ciappara
    Managing Director – Malta, Artex International

    Stuart is responsible for the Malta office insurance and accounts departments, as well as the overall provision of insurance management services to a wide range of international clients.

  • ScottCobon_190520_CO_Artex__58_pp.jpg
    Scott Cobon
    Managing Director, Bermuda, Artex International

    Scott is responsible for the continued success and development of this growing office, which handles a diverse range of insurance management products, including captives, insurance linked securities (ILS) and commercial structures. With more than 10 years of experience in the Bermuda insurance management industry, Scott has been pivotal in the growth of Artex’s ILS business. He previously worked as a treaty reinsurance broker in Sydney, Australia and began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Brisbane.

  • Paul-Cole-uncropped.jpg
    Paul Cole
    Managing Director – Gibraltar, Artex International

    Paul is responsible for the Gibraltar office insurance and accounts departments, as well as the overall provision of insurance management services to a wide range of international clients. Paul is a member of the Gibraltar Insurance Association Executive Committee, an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Insurers and holds the Financial Times Non-Executive Diploma.

  • PaulEaton005 (1).jpg
    Paul Eaton, BEng ACII
    Managing Director, ILS, Artex International

    Paul is responsible for driving the strategy, planning and growth of Artex ILS business across all locations. Artex has a complement of more than 20 ILS insurance professionals within its Bermuda, Cayman and Guernsey offices. Paul joined Artex in 2004 after a 13-year career with RSA in various underwriting and management roles. More recently he headed up Artex’s International business development. Based in Guernsey, he is a Director of Artex Guernsey’s ILS cell companies.

  • Rob Eastham_190520_CO_Artex__68_pp.jpg
    Robert Eastham, ACA
    Executive Chairman of Artex Bermuda

    Rob Eastham is an industry veteran with 38 years of experience in the Bermuda insurance industry, Rob is a well-known leader in all aspects of the ILS and captive industry.

  • KevinHeffernan.jpg
    Kevin Heffernan, CPA, ARM
    Executive Vice President - Operations, Artex North America

    Kevin provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the Division has the proper operational controls, administrative, reporting procedures and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial and operating efficiency. Kevin is based out of our Burlington, Vermont office.

  • Karl Huish
    Karl Huish, JD
    Executive Vice President, Artex North America

    Karl is responsible for the development and management of all types of captives, ranging from single parent, to micro to group. He is a frequent lecturer on issues of captives and alternative risk transfer. Karl and his staff work out of our Mesa, Arizona office.

  • Martin Hughes.jpg
    Martin Hughes, MBA, ACII
    Executive Vice President – Underwriting, Artex North America

    Martin leads the Underwriting function, in which he is instrumental in the analysis and design of new Artex products, ranging from member-sharing captives to single-parent captives, guaranteed cost and everything in-between. Martin also leads the North America strategy for segregated cell supported facilities as well as guaranteed cost programs. Martin is based out of our Norwalk, Connecticut office.

  • ChadKunkel.jpg
    Chad Kunkel
    Executive Vice President – Group Captives, Artex North America

    Chad is responsible for managing the entire group captive operations for North America. He and his staff work out of our Rolling Meadows, Illinois office.

  • JeffKurz.jpg
    Jeff Kurz
    Managing Director, Captive Insurance Consulting, Artex North America

    Jeff is responsible for the production and project management of new business within the United States. He is based out of our Rolling Meadows, Illinois office.

  • martin-le-pelley.jpg
    Martin Le Pelley, FCA
    Finance Director, Artex International

    Martin oversees both financial and compliance matters across the different jurisdictions in which they operate including Malta, Gibraltar, London and Guernsey. He works out of our Guernsey office.

  • Marshall Brandon.jpg (1)
    Brandon Marshall
    Finance Director, North America

    Brandon oversees all financial matters related to the insurance solutions that our North American team provides. He works out of our Rolling Meadows, Illinois office.

  • AlanMckean.png
    Alan McKean
    Chief Accounting Officer

    Alan holds the Chief Accounting Officer role for both Artex North America and Artex International. Alan works out of our Bermuda office.

  • Mike_Matthews_portrait.JPG
    Mike Matthews
    Commercial Director, Artex International

    Mike is responsible for the strategy, planning and delivery of growth for the international business. This role encompasses sales, marketing, product development and supporting client services. Mike began his career at AIG and is a seasoned industry professional with over 30 years’ experience in structuring and developing complex and innovative captive insurance solutions.

  • Vic Pannuzzo.jpg
    Vic Pannuzzo
    Chief Executive – Singapore, Artex International

    Vic leads our Singapore office and is responsible for the growth and development of Artex’s Asia Pacific captive and risk solutions strategy. Vic possesses a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Business Studies (Insurance). He also is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Finance and Insurance Association.

  • John Pitcairn Headshot_9190_EDIT.jpg
    John Pitcairn
    Managing Director - Cayman, Artex International

    John leads the Cayman office staff and operations, consisting of insurance-linked securities (ILS), structured transactions and captives. John has been a member of the Cayman Insurance Managers Association Executive Committee since 1990 and serves as the Chairman of the Educational Scholarship Fund.

  • AndrewWeatherburn_HeritageImage.jpg
    Andrew Weatherburn, MBA, FCA
    Operations Director, Artex International

    Andrew is responsible for the development, implementation and training of various business systems; oversees office coordination in Bermuda, Cayman, Guernsey, Malta, Gibraltar; and is director of the in-house facility PCCs and ICC in Guernsey. Andrew works out of our Guernsey office.