Whether you're a private equity firm with multinational insurance operations or a managing general agent (MGA), we have the programs and frameworks to help you leverage the full benefit of your insurance portfolio. Our expertise and experience help you develop niche, customized insurance products designed to increase revenue and control risk.

Establish an insurance company for greater control.

Our presence and knowledge of the UK and EU/EEA markets make us the partner of choice to help prospective insurers establish their own commercial (re)insurance company. Artex can help prospective sponsors establish an insurance entity under the unique UK-Gibraltar trading/common market relationship or under the EU's freedom of services or establishment directives. Our presence in both Malta and Gibraltar gives you the opportunity to establish and manage your insurance business with our world-class staff that possesses the knowledge, experience and proven performance in both the UK and continental European markets.

Continuing oversight for better returns.

After your insurance license has been issued, Artex provides a range of outsourced insurance management services including, but not limited to, finance, accounting, governance and compliance, Solvency II (Pillars 1, 2 and 3) and company secretarial.

Target business size and necessary criteria:

  • A minimum annual gross written premium of Euro/GBP 5 million to Euro/GBP 10 million
  • Direct and (re)insurance
  • All classes of business
  • Solvency II legislation
  • Control and oversight from the host state

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