Our team of leading experts offer exclusive access to niche (re)insurance opportunities in the marine, energy and aerospace industries. We can help guide you to plug-and-play opportunities in non-proportional and proportional retrocessional transactions with deep relationships and market insights. Additionally, our skilled reinsurance team offers direct and facultative programs for both energy and property industries, across the globe.

Expertise fueled by proprietary actuary intelligence.

Our experience, combined with our proprietary actuary intelligence, provides entrance into this intricate market. Our approach combines strong relationships with unique market intelligence powered by trust and performance.

Possibilities for diversification.

We offer insight into the underwriting and actuary (re)insurance space by bringing clarity and opportunity. By leveraging our relationships and experience, we can offer ready-made facilities for better risk protection and control.

Engagement based in global experience.

Our team has proven experience with the largest underwriting and pricing practices in the world including Lloyd's. We have over 30 years of experience and relationships built on proven success. By leveraging our collective intelligence, the team has developed a balance sheet using the proprietary pricing and aggregations tools for a portfolio of marine, energy, property and aerospace (re)insurance business.

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Feasibility Studies

Artex is a pioneer in the space of feasibility studies. We help find solutions others may overlook to achieve better, & more sustainable, risk financing solutions.


Single-Parent Captive

Artex manages in excess of 500 single-parent captives with premium sizes ranging from $300,000 to over $100 million.


Alternative Risk Reinsurance Services

We draw from decades of experience in developing and implementing customized reinsurance and risk management solutions to address each client’s evolving needs.