Outsourcing is a critical and valuable tool that promotes efficiency and stimulates productivity. Our unique commercial carrier outsourcing services provide fully functioning insurance management structures, without the cost and concern of day-to-day hands-on management. We bring the breadth of Artex's expertise and creativity to the development of holistic solutions to serve the needs of insurance organizations of all sizes and geographical location.

For insurance organizations, outsourcing provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Optimum use of manpower
  • Reporting, compliance management and regulations
  • Access to more resources and innovative technology
  • Reduced costs of doing business
  • Data backup and disaster management

Proven expertise, artful execution.

Here's what Artex offers:

(Re)insurance company "in a box." Customized turnkey approach to outsourcing with solutions that resolve a variety of operational and financial challenges.

Outsourced team. Fully staffed with expert teams, focused on providing solutions that take into account all aspects of your business. Having the ability to adjust your business operations will assist your company to remain agile and meet your growth projections.

Business plans and advocacy with regulators. Our unique insight into the current market conditions and our standing in the industry give us an ability to lead clients through the bureaucracy and complexities involved in the whole process that makes an insurance license difficult to obtain including pro-actively working with regulators on your behalf.

Recognized brand. Artex is known as a global leader in insurance management within the alternative risk and (re)insurance markets. We extend our relationships in this space to aid you in accessing better markets, better operational efficiencies and better overall risk management.

Speed to market. Our approach is designed to move at the speed of your needs. This nimble approach is uncompromising on quality and execution.

Strong governance environment. Insurance regulations and laws are dynamic. Our ability to examine issues from multiple levels gives us insight into how laws and compliance are evolving, and how to respond quickly. We closely monitor your processes, as well as ours, for continuous improvement.

Expert underwriting and systems. Underwriting can be both an art and a science. Our team has a sense of how to blend better risk management with cost control while building relationships with all stakeholders.

Programs and solutions for specialty risks.

Apart from our proven ability to provide world-class business process outsourcing services to (re)insurance operations of all sizes and complexity, we have also designed specific programs for specialized industries and organizations.

Direct underwriting. Helping prospective insurance business owners establish and manage their own venture with the creation of their own commercial (re)insurance company to (re)insure risks within the UK and European Union markets.

PEO and temporary staffing. Providing a variety of best-in-class workers' compensation outsourcing solutions to the PEO and temporary staffing industry.

Legacy solutions and run-off. Outsourcing legacy books — also called closed books — can free insurers from managing the process and IT that supports these mature product lines, yield substantial cost-savings and lower capital requirements.

Risk management services. Exploring the upside to risk with the right solutions and services for a client, including claims analytics, claims management and claims advocacy.

Corporate services. Providing formation and administration services for investment holding companies that own commercial (re)insurance entities in each jurisdiction in which we operate.

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