Artex Steps Forward to Glasgow, Scotland.

Sep 08, 2020

Welcome to Glasgow

The first stop on our walk around the world!

We’ve reached our very first milestone! | Glasgow, Scotland

Reached Wednesday, September 8, 2020

Based in one of our parent company’s finance centers, our Glasgow team are financial specialists who assist our European, Bermuda and Cayman Islands client service teams in managing the numerous financial and accounting aspects of our business. Scotland, especially Glasgow and Edinburgh, has long been renowned for financial services, so it is fitting that we’re able to use the skills and expertise that can be found here.

Fun facts about Scotland

  • Scotland’s national flag is the St. Andrews Cross, which also forms the background of the UK’s Union Jack flag. Supposedly the St. Andrews Cross is the oldest national flag still in use.
  • Scotland’s national animal is, interestingly, the unicorn. Considering this is the home to the Loch Ness monster, we’re not surprised that it also has an affiliation to some other fantastic creatures!
  • Scotland is well known for a variety of dishes. The most well-known one, and Scotland’s national dish, is haggis. Haggis is traditionally served with mashed turnip and mashed potato (called “neeps and tatties”). That should be washed down with a whisky or an Irn-Bru for the non-drinkers. January 25th is Burns Night in Scotland, when the work of Robert Burns is celebrated and haggis is eaten. Interested in making this recipe? A number of famous Scottish chefs provide their take on this traditional meal here.
  • Scotland is infamous for inventing the deep-fried Mars bar; however, in reality, it is a novelty item and isn’t actually widely sold.
  • Looking for a family-friendly activity that embraces the Scottish culture? Click here for several ideas for celebrating this fascinating country with your children.

One of our Glasgow team members is Alasdair McKerral—and he is proof about what a small world we truly live in. Alasdair lived in Bermuda for two years before moving back to Glasgow and subsequently joining Gallagher, our parent company. After joining the company, he had communicated with Alan McKean, our chief accounting officer located in Bermuda, over email, but they had never met. Then in 2018, Alasdair visited Bermuda on vacation and, while waiting for a friend to fly in, he decided to hunt out the Artex offices. “I asked for Alan at the reception desk, and he was nice enough to welcome me in for a chat. Luckily he didn’t mind me showing up completely unannounced in a colourful pair of shorts!” said Alasdair. “It was nice to put a face to a name, and now that I have recently joined Artex, I look forward to working with Alan more.”



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