COVID-19 Captive Q&A

Apr 28, 2020

Right now we’re operating in a time and place that is unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime. At Artex we’re happy to report that we’re all working remotely from home and that our colleagues are all healthy and adjusting to the new norm. We continue to closely monitor the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are developing a series of communications for our captive clients, so that you can be informed about the pandemic, the possible effects on insurance and things that you and your company may want to consider.

This piece is a guide to help you navigate your way through a variety of your captive insurance concerns. Whether you’re an owner, participant or broker within captive insurance, ranging from single-parent, to group, to cell, our Q&A document will provide you with some advice, tips and things to think about when you’re facing questions about coverage, liquidity, finance, secretarial or more.