Artex is pleased to announce their title sponsorship of Cayman Rugby's afterschool program for girls, called Artex Afterschool School Girls Rugby Academy. This Cayman-based academy is part of the Get into Rugby program, a World Rugby initiative to encourage, grow and develop rugby all around the world. Launched in 2021 and delivered at a group of government and private schools, the Cayman afterschool program is in its second year.

The afterschool program is primed for growth in 2022 and beyond. The Artex Afterschool School Girls Rugby Academy will be offered at additional primary and secondary schools; new equipment has been purchased; and all girls are encouraged to take part in the program.

The Artex Afterschool School Girls Rugby Academy program is offered in 6- to 8-week blocks, where girls learn rugby skills, strength and conditioning, and good nutrition habits. The end goal is to empower young women through rugby programs, allowing them to grow in confidence and develop their teamwork and leadership in a safe environment.

"I am very excited to have the support offered by Artex," says Mick Kehoe, president of the Cayman Rugby Football Union (CRFU). "The Union made the decision at the end of 2020 to prioritize women's rugby and embarked on our development journey. We have enjoyed some early success and the progress has been quite quick, support from partners like Artex reflect this and also allow us to embed our early successes and take the next step in growing the program." He adds, "The future is promising, and I look forward to seeing how our young girls and women can showcase their talent on the field."

"We want to give every girl and woman in the Cayman Islands the opportunity to 'get into rugby'. The club's plan to encourage enrollment includes school assemblies, terrific international coaches and motivational speakers," says Adrian Lynch, executive vice president — Artex North America, Bermuda and Cayman. "By raising the profile of youth and women's rugby, Artex hopes to do our part in promoting an inclusive environment that builds skills both on and off the field."

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Adrian Lynch
Adrian Lynch
Executive Vice President – North America, Bermuda & Cayman