The US Commercial Property insurance market continues to harden and transition, a trend that's gathered momentum since 2020. That said, it's questionable whether market hardening will continue at levels we've seen to date, although the prospect of the US and other international markets entering a sustained inflationary phase, the resultant impact on supply chains — including material and labor costs — need to be considered.

There appears to be a consensus among (re)insurance company shareholders that both carriers and (re)insurers need to drive higher returns and deliver improved underwriting profits.

Explore these topics in this Artex whitepaper:

  • Shaping the renewal story with data adequacy, claims history and analytics, and how they help to structure a productive (re)insurance discussion
  • Risk retention with a captive and the benefits of active loss control to achieve better-than-average loss results
  • The impact of supply chain disruption, delays and claims inflation on Commercial Property insurance placement
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Steven  McElhiney
Steven McElhiney
Sr. Vice President & Global Director of Reinsurance