Artex Steps Forward Gibraltar

Sep 14, 2020

Welcome to Gibraltar

The third stop on our walk around the world

We've reached our third milestone! | Gilbraltar
Reached Monday, September 14, 2020

Our team in Gibraltar is led by Paul Cole, who has been with the company for 14 years. The team of 25 provides outsourced service solutions to commercial carriers established, or seeking to be established, in Gibraltar.

Within the office, there is a committee that is focused on executing their charitable work each year. Annually, the staff vote on two organizations to support, typically one in Gibraltar and another international organization. In 2020, they’re supporting Gibsams, a confidential help line for any Gibraltar resident under distress, despair or experiencing suicidal feelings. Additionally, they’re supporting the Make a Wish Foundation, dedicated to creating life-changing wishes for children suffering from critical illnesses. The Artex Steps Forward challenge is one way this team will be supporting these organizations this year.

Golf is a popular activity in Gibraltar, due to the climate and proximity to Spain, which has numerous golf courses close to the border. In previous years, the Artex office has hosted an annual golf day for customers, which brings out a sense of friendly competition and comradery, and is used as an opportunity to raise money for charity. Due to COVID-19, the event has been postponed, and the team is hoping to host in Q2 2021.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Paul playing golf and paddle tennis, which is another popular activity in Gibraltar. He loves to entertain at home and spend time with his wife and two teenage children. His advice to people starting their insurance career is this:

There is no such thing as a silly question, providing you ask it only once!

Fun facts about Gibraltar

For those of you unfamiliar with Gibraltar, it is a British Overseas Territory whose culture and cuisine is a mixture of British, Spanish and Moorish influence. The national dish is calentita, a chickpea pie of Genoese origin. Interested in making your own version? This simple yet tasty recipe can be found here on a Gibraltar cooking website.

This melting pot of Gibraltar creates a very diverse population and a rich and varied history:

  • Neanderthal remains have been found in Gorham’s Cave.
  • The Rock of Gibraltar is considered one of the two Pillars of Hercules.
  • Gibraltar is derived from Arabic, named after Tariq-Ibn-Zayid, the Muslim conqueror who captured the peninsula in 711.
  • Locals believe that as long as Barbary macaques exist on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule. These are the only wild monkeys on the European continent. During World War II, when their numbers decreased to less than 10, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had Moroccan and Algerian macaques brought to Gibraltar to increase their population numbers

Looking for a family activity? If you can’t visit the island in person, you can still do a virtual tour of this 3 square mile country. Check out this video



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