Artex Steps Forward Malta

Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to Malta

The fourth stop on our walk around the world
We've reached our fourth milestone! | Malta

Reached Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Artex team has walked a cumulative 2,830 miles and landed in Malta, our fourth milestone in the Artex Steps Forward challenge.

Stuart Ciappara, who has been with the company for 13 years, leads our Maltese team. This group specializes in four areas: insurance management services, corporate services and two brokerage solutions. In December 2018, Artex acquired Osprey Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd., which specializes in the placement of aviation insurance for airlines and other ancillary aviation-related service providers. In 2019, the Artex team also launched a brokerage solution that allows non-Maltese brokers to operate from Malta and passport to other EU states.

When not in the office, Stuart enjoys playing five-a-side football and taking walks along Malta’s seacoast, so he is contributing valuably to our challenge. Stuart is donating money per mile walked to Puttinu Cares, an organization that helps patients and families who need to travel to the UK for care that isn’t available in Malta. When we interviewed Stuart about his role within Malta, he said that mentoring staff members is one of the most rewarding aspects of his work: "When people decide to enter into insurance for a career, I tell them that it is challenging and rewarding at the same time. No two days are the same, and there is room for specialization, especially on larger risks and industries like aviation and catastrophe risks."

Fun facts about Malta
At just over 120 square miles in the Mediterranean, at a cross-section between Africa and Europe, Malta is special for numerous reasons.

  • Malta has a rich history of conquerors and settlers, from the early Stone Age through to the Arabs, Romans, Normans, French and, most recently, the British.
  • Malta became independent of Britain in 1964 and subsequently became a Republic in 1974.
  • While Maltese is the native language, English is also an official language of the island.
  • The Maltese flag contains the George Cross, which was awarded to the Maltese people by King George V for their bravery during the Second World War.
  • The eight-pointed Maltese Cross is also another symbol which is synonymous with Maltese history as a symbol of the Knights of Malta.
  • The beaches in Malta are often voted as some of the top destinations of the world. 

Figolli are traditional Easter sweets that date back thousands of years in the Maltese culture. They are typically shaped as eggs, rabbits or butterflies, but also come in other shapes and figures. This recipe looks like a great family activity!

Saħħa! (Cheers in Maltese)


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