How Your Captive Adds Value to Your Commercial Insurance Program

May 11, 2017

How can your captive add value to your commercial insurance program? Here are some ideas.

  1. Insure the deductible for an existing commercial policy. An example would be the deductible for property damage, if there was a large deductible for flood. The captive can cover that large deductible with a very specific policy.
  2. Insure additional limits above the commercial policy limit. One of your commercial policies may have low sub-limits or exclusions typically found in commercial policies. The captive can write policies insuring over the sub-limit or providing coverage for exclusions. Exposures that are adequately covered by commercial insurance are most often not selected to be written by your captive because commercial pricing is often lower and limits are higher for commercial insurance.

Artex underwriters work with you or your designees to gain an understanding of your business operations, current insurance program, and uninsured or underinsured exposures. As your Captive Manager, Artex partners with you to develop and maintain an insurance program written by your captive for exposures identified and evaluated for your insureds during the underwriting process that takes place at formation of the captive.