Artex is extraordinarily proud to share that Kathleen Faries, CEO of Artex Capital Solutions, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Women in Reinsurance (WiRe) Bermuda. This well-deserved recognition comes to Kathleen amid an accomplished career spanning 35+ years in the industry. Congratulations, Kathleen!

In response to the award, Kathleen shared, "I am so incredibly honored to receive the inaugural Women in Reinsurance (WiRe) Lifetime Achievement award. I'm grateful to have found my way into the insurance/reinsurance industry early on in my career and was afforded plenty of challenging opportunities. I am grateful beyond words for each connection made and each accomplishment shared with so many incredible people over the years. Thank you to each one for being a part of my journey and letting me be a small part of yours, together we have done some great things!"

Read more about Kathleen's dynamic career and accomplishments in the excerpt below:

Serving in an executive role at Tokyo Marine Reinsurance (TMR) for 12 years, Kathleen drove the build-out and execution of its third-party capital strategy for the organization. With transformation at the forefront of her mind, she recognized that developing and executing a clear strategy was critical to the company's success, but for it to keep pace with the rapidly evolving ILS industry, their operations would need to evolve and intentional investment would have to be made into technology. With that, she and her team built TMR's Third-Party Capital Platform, a cloud platform that enabled the expansion of service and efficient management of the company's portfolio. Additionally, Kathleen was instrumental in the creation of TMR's Stop Loss program, which allowed the company's partners to efficiently analyze risks and build portfolios that outperformed their expectations by leveraging TMR. Indeed, due to her courage to think bigger and broader, TMR became the asset class's most trusted risk partner and valued market facilitator.

Kathleen's commitment to transformation doesn't stop there. She has consistently led conversations and initiatives at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation in the industry. Throughout her career, Kathleen has championed building a more holistic, unified infrastructure underpinning the sector. Such an infrastructure would allow efficiencies such as data to be moved seamlessly from the risk originator to the risk taker. In May of 2019, Kathleen was appointed as an advisor to ChainThat, a leading provider of insurtech solutions using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. She has also served as an advisor to insurtech, Akinova and Blockchain Triangle. Additionally, she's spoken at countless insurtech conferences about the need for the industry to be forward thinking and innovative.

Kathleen's unique, exceptional leadership has followed her into her leadership role at Artex Capital Solutions, where she currently serves as CEO. In less than two years, Kathleen has driven the reorganization of the company, creating client-centric teams with the goal of transforming the client experience. Kathleen is always an advocate for partnering with clients and seeking new growth opportunities.

With kindness, compassion and a keen interest for intimate connection, Kathleen's contagious passion and energy that fills a room undoubtedly fuels success. Kathleen has an uncanny ability to mentor many but intimately invest in all — one encounter with Kathleen will change your life. She becomes a trusted partner to those around her as they navigate their dynamic careers and lives. From small gestures such as sending notes of support, to allocating hours of time to her mentees, to grabbing coffee simply to catch up or to strategize, Kathleen selflessly gives of her time and influence. Her superpower is her ability to effortlessly engage those around her to buy in to collective vision, nurturing new ideas and executing strategies seamlessly.