Healthcare costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate — rising at nearly three times the rate of inflation and employee wage increases over the past 15 years. At this pace, healthcare costs double every eight years and outpace inflation by 58% after that time.

Many mid-sized employers feel trapped by traditional health insurance as the factors driving costs appear outside of their control; while large employers have access to programs that afford them an opportunity to achieve greater control resulting in more stable cost increases — in line with inflation. However, there are alternatives for mid-sized employers.

Artex's Employee Benefit Group Captive Programs, also known as Stop-Loss Group Captives, can help participating employers reduce healthcare costs, improve employee wellness, streamline healthcare delivery and achieve long-term stability. This is achieved by blending the advantages of self-funding with the stability of a Group Captive, medical stop-loss insurance and proven risk management strategies.